Ansar battalion member Jahangir rescued Four people swept away By the flood Water In Bandarban

When the common people of Bandarban were busy saving their families, homes and lives during the terrible floods, a warrior was seen working silently for the flood victims.He is Md.Jahangir Alam A humanitarian member working in Ansar and Village Defense Forces.

It is known that the Bandarban bus terminal area was submerged under 6 to 7 feet of water during two hours of heavy rain on August 7.Instantly,The bus terminal from Ganesh Pakhi Chatwar to Halbard Junction was submerged in water.At that time,while performing official duties FS Jahangir Alam,a member of Ansar and Village Defense Forces,Noticed that several people could not swim and were about to be swept away by the strong current of water.Then he gave up the illusion of life and jumped into the water and rescued the four alive and took them to a safe place.

In this regard,FS Jahangir Alam, son of Shariatpur district working in Bandarban, member of Ansar battalion, said, I was collecting pictures and video footage while performing official duties at a high place.Suddenly I noticed four people floating in the current in front of my eyes.Immediately I jumped into the water and managed to rescue all four.

Md.Nasir Uddin,who was rescued by FS Jahangir Alam’s bravery,said, “If Jahangir, a member of Ansar,had not rescued me that day, I would not have been able to receive the light and air of this world today.” Me and my Family are thankful To FS Jahangir for this.