Bandarban Hill District Council Chairman Kya Shai Hla exchanged views with journalists

Bandarban Hill District Council Chairman Kya Shai Hla said that the issue of leaking the question papers was not correct at all.He denied the allegations and called them propaganda.He said that in order to take a recruitment test,all the activities starting from preparing the question papers in the presence of the representatives of each department of the government are taken.

Bandarban Hill District Council Chairman Kya Shai Hla Also said that there is no exemption for the age of the candidates in these two departments of education and technical.

Bandarban Hill District Council is not give any extra opportunity to anyone with age.Not 40-year-olds but 30-year-olds are being considered for jobs as per government rules.

This was stated by Bandarban Hill District Council Chairman Kya Shai Hla at a crowded press conference held at the Bandarban Zilla Parishad conference room on Thursday (July 7).

He added that in the early days of Covid,The candidates were given exemption for some reasons on humanitarian grounds but no exemption was given later.

In this case,Some of the candidates participating in this year’s teacher recruitment test have been involved in immoral activities and their Answer Sheet have been seized.

At the time,Hill District council chairman Kya Shai Hla added that some people were upset that their own people were not being recruited.

Besides,Some individuals and groups are conspiring to tarnish the image of the district council.That clique is carrying on propaganda to question the appointment process of the district council.

Apart from this,We are investigating the veracity of the allegations that are being brought to our notice and are being raised in various ways.We are investigating all kinds of questions.

At the same time,Chairman Kya Shai Hla called on the journalists to provide objective news.He said baseless news propaganda should be avoided.There will be no improvement in the society through propaganda.This creates a negative perception To general public Mind towards individuals and institutions in society and creates a chaotic environment.

Bandarban Hill District Council Executive Officer MD.Abdullah Al Mamun,Bhdc member Satyaha Panji Tripura,Kanchan Joy Thanchangya,Bashoy Ching Marma, Bandarban Press Club president Aminul Islam Baccu,General secretary Minarul Haque and other journalists from print and electronic media were present at the press conference.

Besides Bandarban Hill District Council Chairman Kya Shai Hla Thanked the journalists for conducting round-the-clock To Find Out while he was physically ill.He also greeted the people of Bandarban on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha,One of the religious festivals of the Muslim community.