School open in remote Krangsi to protect Rengmitchya language by army

Inauguration of Army Maitri Primary School and Language Education Center was held at Remote Krangsi village in Alikadam Upazila of Bandarban.Bandarban Army Region’s all-out effort to save the endangered Rengmitchya language was inaugurated by the Language Education Center.On Sunday (March 10) Bandarban Region Commander Brigadier General Dr.Golam Mahiuddin Ahmed appeared as the chief guest and inaugurated this educational institution.At the time Brigadier General Mahedi Hasan,the newly appointed commander of Bandarban Army Region was present.Also Alikadam Region Commander Lt. Col. Shawkatul Monayem, Alikadam Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Khandaker Tabidur Rahman, Krangsi neighborhood residents and students of the newly constructed school were present.Brigadier General Golam Mohiuddin Ahmed said, “I came to know about the extinct Rengmitchya language through the newspaper.We have extended a helping hand to keep this language alive.Army is working tirelessly in Bandarban to spread education,provide medical assistance and improve the quality of life of the local residents.As A Gift Educational materials were distributed among the students at the ceremony.

Alikadam (31 Bir) Army Zone has given full cooperation in this.Currently 40 students are studying in this school and four are working as teachers.It is known that the Bandarban Army Region has been working to improve the overall quality of education in the hills for many years.In continuation of this,this language education center has been set up for the local population to protect the endangered Rengmitchya language.Those concerned say that the language can be saved by this effort.More Than Nine people speak this language at present.

Yangan Mro,the author of the dictionary of Rengmitchya language, said, “In 2014, there were 32 people of Rengmitchya language.
In 2023 it has reduced to only six.The rest are dead.The average age of all survivors is over 60 years.When they die,a language will die out from human civilization.