Bongo partners with Xcel Sports to promote alternative sports

Bongo, one of the largest Bangla streaming platforms in Bangladesh, has partnered with Xcel Sports Management & Promotion to promote alternative sports events.

The first event, Genesis, one of the biggest boxing events in Bangladesh this year where 6 top-of-the-line Professional Boxers of Bangladesh will demonstrate their skills and put their hard work to the test in the hope of becoming the first XBC Champion. The event will take place at Chef’s table Courtyard side cafe and the event will be streamed on Bongo.

Cricket has dominated Bangladesh for a long time and other sports have not been popular in which viewers are interested to watch. Xcel Sports Management & Promotion goal is to popularize the traditional games and sports through hosting events while Bongo’s goal is to stream to create a new entertainment and audience base.

Xcel Sports Management & Promotion plans to take some of the best fighters abroad as well to test the competitiveness and further popularize the sport in Bangladesh. The Vision is to see Bangladeshi Boxers competing in the global stage under the global promotion like WBC,WBO, and MMA Fighters in One Championship and UFC to present Bangladesh internationally.

CEO of Xcel Sports Management & Promotion, Adnan Haroon says “This is a big moment for us. In a country of 180 million people, there must be more competitive athletes that can compete on the global stage. Our goal is to shed light and give them the opportunity.”

Streaming on the internet and apps are very accessible due to the Digital Bangladesh achievements. COO of Bongo, Fayaz Taher adds “We want to bring about a change in the way people stream in Bangladesh, so that way anyone can have access to what they want to watch, when they want to watch. Competitive sports is a good way to develop another niche audience base and that’s why we have partnered with Xcel Sports Management & Promotion”

The first event will feature Live Beatboxing and Rap Performance by Black Zang, ArghyA Beatbox, Ayan Janowar and Dorpon RVS

The event is sponsored by Prime Bank, Apex Lingerie Limited, Securex, SS Steel , Green Delta Insurance Limited and Bongo.Both companies have plans to introduce more sports events in 2022.