The Beijing Olympics begin

Amid controversy, the Beijing Winter Olympics have begun in China. An hour ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin left for a meeting with Russian President Xi Jinping.

Meanwhile, the head of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, said that sports and politics should not be combined. China’s state news agency CGTN confirmed the matter on Friday (February 4th).

Meanwhile, the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and Japan decided to boycott China in the Olympics, and these countries did not send representatives this time on allegations of human rights violations. These countries have been waging a cold war with China for most of the year 2021. News of the disappearance of Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai after one of the top government officials in particular was accused of sexual harassment is one of the reasons for the deterioration of relations.

China has committed serious human rights abuses by cracking down on the Uighur Muslim community in Xinjiang province and cracking down on dissidents in Hong Kong and Taiwan. That is why China will be ‘diplomatically boycotted’ in this year’s Olympics.

In this regard, the Beijing authorities have said that they are doing wrong by ‘boycotting’ China diplomatically. They will have to pay the price for this mistake.

Meanwhile, several countries, including the United Nations, France and Russia, have been keen to join the Olympics from the beginning. French President Emmanuel Macron has said he is interested in keeping the Olympic Games free of politics.