FIFA and UEFA have banned all Russian clubs and national teams

Russia is also being cornered in the field of sports due to military aggression. After the war with Ukraine, one country after another is not only diplomatically obstructing Russia, but also the voices of protest are rising in all walks of life. The world of sports has not been left out either.

The two governing bodies of world and European football announced the decision in a joint statement on Monday. The ban will remain in place until further notice, the statement said.

In addition to the message of peace, the international arena has already begun to turn its back on Russia. However, FIFA and UEFA gave the biggest push to Russia on the playing field. They announced the expulsion of the Russian national team and Russian clubs indefinitely.

Until the next notice, the Russian national team will not be able to participate in any international tournament, just as the Russian team will not be able to participate in any UEFA recognized club tournament.

Initially, FIFA considered allowing Russia to play in international tournaments without the country’s name, flag and national anthem. However, in the changed circumstances, the International Football Association has taken a tough decision like deportation. The pressure on FIFA was mounting as countries such as France, England and Poland directly informed Russia that they wanted to boycott.