Sheikh Kamal Youth Games: Chittagong Divisional Sports Association’s Big preparation

The final phase of Sheikh Kamal 2nd Bangladesh Youth Games-23 is going to start.The competition run from Sunday 26th February to Saturday 4th March.The competition of various events will be held in the capital Dhaka.In order to participate in this,officials,coaches and players of various events of Chittagong division are leaving Chittagong with the aim of participating in the competition. According to sources,A team of 532 members of the Chittagong divisional team is going to Dhaka.

In this regard,Chittagong Divisional Sports Association General Secretary Sirajuddin Md.Alamgir said, Participation in 23 events is not only.Our sole aim is to win gold medals in various categories of 12/13 events.A well-planned long term training camp has been conducted with the aim of enriching the success of Chittagong division.The contestants have been able to prepare themselves a lot.He said,we have selected the best athletes from 11 districts of Chittagong and trained them in different venues.Mr.Alamgir said,Bangladesh Olympic Association (BOA) has given Tk 8 lakh for the divisional team.With which there was no opportunity to practice for more than 5 days.

But despite the financial constraints,We continued the exercise from 8 February to 23 February.More than 16 lakh Tk have been spent to complete this exercise phase.Rest of the money provided By Us To considering good results.Our effort is with the hope of giving good quality athletes to the country.

Exercises have been done in different districts.Among them boxing and karate in Bandarban,Football (Youth Girl) and Rugby in Khagrachari,Athletics in Noakhali, Kabaddi,Handball,Judo,Wushu,Swimming, Taekwondo,Volleyball, Basketball,Football in Chittagong,Archery,Shooting, Gymnastics,Table Tennis,Hockey and Squash have taken training in Dhaka BKSP.

Sirajuddin Md.Alamgir,who is in charge of the General Secretary of Chittagong Divisional Sports Association also said that one and a half lakh Tk. have been given from BOA for the jerseys of athletes and officials.But we have spent about 4.5 lakh Tk for made the jerseys to keep the morale of the athletes strong.The successful organizers of different districts have been given the responsibility as coaches and managers.

Shamim Ahmed,The coach of Chittagong Division’s girls volleyball team, who won 3rd place in the 2018 Youth Games,Said that the department’s activities like this have never been seen before.He said that this time also hard practice has been done in order to retain the title.At this time,he gratefully recalled the overall cooperation of Sirajuddin Md.Alamgir,General Secretary of Chittagong Divisional Sports Association.

However,the chief coordinator of the divisional team will be Md.Hafizur Rahman, the sports organizer of Chittagong.Aslam Morshed and Kallol Das will also serve as coordinators.