Bandarban’s Sukel Tanchangya in Bangladesh National Team for Blind Cricket T20 World Cup-22

The Third Blind T20 World Cup cricket tournament is starting on December 4 with the participation of 7 countries on the soil of India.The preparation camp of the Bangladesh team is going on at the BKSP ground in Dhaka around the tournament.
Bandarban’s Sukel Tanchangya has made the squad announced by the Bangladesh Blind Cricket Council (BBCC).

As a member of the Bangladesh National Blind Cricket Team,Sukel Tanchangyapara,a son of Amtali Tanchangyapara of Sualak Union of Bandarban Sadar Upazila,is preparing to take the field in the T20 World Cup held in India.He is a 10th class student of the Integrated Visually Impaired Education Program,Sualak.

Sukel Tanchangya has been placed in the B-One category of the three player list announced by BBCC.Satyajit Majumder, Resource Teacher of Integrated Visually Impaired Education Program,Sualok confirmed this.He said,Sukel is blind but a rare talent in the field of sports.

In this regard,the president of Bandarban Andha Kalyan Samiti,Angchamang Marma,said that a player from a remote area like Bandarban will participate in the World Cup tournament for the national team,it is a matter of great pride.Sukel is not only Bandarban,he is now the pride of the whole country.I wish him success.
In this regard,Sukel Tanchangya sought blessings from the people of Bandarban And All Over Of the country.7 countries including Bangladesh,India,Australia are participating in this tournament.