The Marks Active School Chess Champs competition started in Bandarban

Like all over the country, The school based chess competition Marks Active School Chess Champs-2022 has also started in Bandarban.The main title of this chess competition is “Become the next Grandmaster”.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, MP, inaugurated the nationwide school chess competition Present as the chief guest at the inaugural function held at the Radisson Blu Auditorium on Monday (July 4).

The inauguration ceremony was presided over by Dr.Benazir Ahmed BPM (Bar), Inspector General of Bangladesh Police and President of Bangladesh Chess Federation and President of South Asian Chess Council.

Abul Khair’s group is sponsoring this school chess competition organized by Bangladesh Chess Federation.

As A part of this,Bandarban Superintendent of Police Zarin Akhtar,BPM Was Connected in a video conference from Police Lines at the inaugural ceremony of the largest school-based team chess competition in the history of the country.

General Secretary of Bandarban District Sports Association,Municipal Mayor Md. Islam Baby,Additional Superintendent of Police Ashok Kumar Pal,Additional Superintendent of Police Md.Nazim Uddin,Assistant Superintendent of Police MD.Salah uddin,Chess Instructor and International Rated Player Ratnajoy Tanchangya (Ratan) were present.

Also present were teachers from different schools, Komalmati students and officials of the district sports body and members of the police.

It is to be noted that before the inauguration,The chess instructors provided 1 hour training to the school students.

Students of class Six to class Ten will participate in this competition.The game will run Seven Rounds By The group basis.

Eight teams will be selected in Bandarban district where 4 players from each team will participate in the main game as a team and 2 players will be in reserve.

A few chess instructors from Bandarban will train school chess players two days a week until the main episode begins.

The matter has been confirmed by international rated player and coach Ratnajoy Tanchangya (Ratan).