The conference of Banarupa unit was held with great enthusiasm

The triennial conference of Unit 1 (Banarupa) of 6th ward of Bandarban Municipality has been held.The conference was held on Last Sunday (March 13) at 3 pm in the field next to the Banarupa Awami League office.
Vice President of Bandarban District Awami League Abdur Rahim Chowdhury was present as the chief guest at the conference organized with great enthusiasm.
Amal Kanti Das,president of Bandarban city Awami League,inaugurated the triennial conference by flying pigeons,a symbol of national anthem and peace.
Awami League General Md.Shamsul Islam appeared as the keynote speaker at the function organized by Babu Motilal,General Secretary of the same unit.
Panel Mayor Sourav Das Shekhar and District Awami League Member Md.Mohi Uddin,District Labor League General Secretary Md.Rafiqul Islam,City Awami League Senior Joint General Secretary Kamal Pasha were the special guests at the function presided over by Alhaj Abul Bashar,President of 1st Unit (Banrupa) of 6th Ward Awami League.
Speakers at the conference said that there is no alternative to the conference if the Grassroots is to be well organized so the root of the organization is the Grassroots.We believe that under the leadership of the new leadership who will take organizational responsibility to strengthen this grassroots, the 1st Unit (Banrupa) branch of the 6th Ward Awami League will be formed as a strong organization in the future.
Later,Alhaj Abul Bashar was announced as the president and Jhantu Das as the general secretary of the new committee for a period of 3 years.These two were declared President and General Secretary on the advice of all the leaders and workers of Unit 1 (Banarupa) Branch and on the advice of the affiliated organizations.
In this regard,City Awami League President Amal Kanti Das said that the expired committees of Bandarban City Awami League will be well organized through the conference.In this case,Bandarban city Awami League wants to give responsibility to the leaders and workers who have contributed,sacrificed and have labor in the organization.This will encourage the grassroots leaders and workers will be evaluated above all organizationally.
In this regard, the general secretary of the city Awami League Shamsul Islam said,the conference of city Awami League has already completed the 1st,6th (Banarupa Unit) and 7.No ward.Bandarban city Awami League will be well organized with the opinion of all the affiliated organizations and ward Awami League leaders and workers in phases.