‘Dol Utsav’ to be colorful in Abir today

‘Blue mixed with red / Yellow, green, pink / Abir tora ne makhiye / Dolete aur nibi ki? Dolayatra is held on the full moon day of Falgun. Dol is also the last festival of our season.

At the time of leaf fall, waiting for Boishakh – in such an atmosphere, everyone from children to adults will be enjoying each other all day long. Dol Utsav is celebrated every year in the Hindu inhabited areas of the capital including Shankharibazar, Tantibazar, Banglabazar and Laxmibazar of Old Dhaka. With this festival in mind, various colors have started selling in different color shops of old Dhaka since a week ago.

This festival is also called Holi. In the beginning Dolayatra and Holi festivals were different. Dolayatra is a colorful festival of Bengalis. And Holi is the festival of non-Bengalis. But now the two festivals have merged. According to the Vaishnava followers, on the day of Dol Purnima, Sri Krishna was intoxicated with Abir playing color with Sriradha and other gopis. Dolayatra started from there. According to scholars, the origin of the word ‘Dol’ is from the swinging or swinging of Radhakrishna. This festival is also celebrated centering on the birth of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu on the date of Dol Purnima. This date is also called Gaur Purnima. Although the Bengali Dol is a festival of Vaishnava religion, Rabindranath transformed the Dol Yatra into a ‘Spring Festival’ with its cultural aspect, excluding the religious part of the Dolayatra. Dol is a festival of love, a festival of love.