Operation of mobile court in Bandarban

In Bandarban last Thursday the onion was selling Tk 110 per kg.Suddenly,that onion was being sold at 220 taka Saturday.The Bandarban district administration conducted the mobile court on the basis of such information on Saturday (December 10).Senior Assistant Commissioner of District Administration Arup Ratan Singha led the mobile court.

The mobile court fined Md. Farid, the owner of Farid store 2500 taka for selling onions at an extra price.It is known that customers could not buy onions from most of the shops since Saturday morning.Although some shops had onions,they were selling them at a high price of Tk 220 to Tk 230.

Senior Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate Arup Ratan Singh said that the specific complaint of selling onion at excessive price has been proved. Because of this,a shopkeeper was fined two and a half thousand Tk.He also said that such campaign will continue to control the price of goods.

Meanwhile,local buyers are satisfied with such campaign of Mobile Court.Local buyers Added, if the administration does not continue such monitoring,the shop owners may increase the prices again.