Terrorism,Drugs,Teenage Gang Activities will not be allowed to continue: Zarin Akhtar,BPM

Rowangchari Thana Jame Mosque laying of foundation stone was held.On Tuesday (July 19),Superintendent of Police Zarinn Akhtar,BPM Appeared as the chief guest and laid the foundation stone of this mosque.

Officer-in-charge (OC) Abdul Mannan of Rowangchari Police station presided over the event.

Superintendent Of Police Zarin Akhtar,BPM inquired about the overall law and order situation of Rowangchari upazila during the laying of the foundation stone of the construction of the mosque in the premises of Rowangchari police station.

At The Time,The Superintendent of Police Declared Zero Tolerance Against Terrorism, Drugs,Youth and Teenage gang activities and gave instructions to Rowangchari Police Station to fulfill their state duties.

Besides,She warned that teenagers and youths who are roaming unnecessarily on the streets after 7 pm,Creating organized gangs and creating a chaotic environment will be brought under the law.

Rowangchari Upazila Chairman Chahaimong Marma,Additional Superintendent of Police Reza Sarwar, Women Vice Chairman Krechingpru Marma and print and electronic media journalists were present at the event.

Later,The Superintendent of Police signed the warehouse monitoring and inspection register of Rawangchari police station.

It is to be Mentioned and noted that since there is no mosque in Rowangchari police station premises,The Muslim policemen working in the police station and the surrounding public were having difficulty in offering prayers for a long time.

In this context,After the matter came to the attention of Superintendent of Police Zereen Akhtar,BPM,The construction work of this mosque started with the special initiative of the Superintendent of Police.