The Prime Minister called for caution against a possible global recession

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged to be cautious in dealing with a possible global recession amid the economic crisis due to the war in Ukraine. He emphasized on increasing the production and said that every place has to produce something. Try to fulfill your own needs. So that the shock of this world recession does not fall on our country.

The Prime Minister said these things through video conference from Ganobhaban in an event organized on the occasion of the inauguration of ‘Fire Service and Civil Defense Week 2022’.

He said that everyone who has land should produce something on their own land.

The Prime Minister said that due to the global situation, the pace of development of Bangladesh has also ‘unfortunately’ slowed down.
On the one hand, the impact of the coronavirus, on the other hand, Russia’s war in Ukraine and sanctions, counter-sanctions. As a result, there was a global economic recession. But we also have to prepare for this recession from now on.

The Prime Minister urged everyone to work together. He said, Inshallah no one will be able to stop the progress of Bangladesh at this unstoppable speed. We will move on.