“Putin did not budge from his decision.”

Russia has not yet fully achieved the goal that Putin sent troops to achieve in Ukraine.

On 24 February, Russian troops launched their first offensive in Ukraine. They have suffered a lot during this period. Lost many troops.

However, Putin did not budge from his decision. He remains steadfast in his decision. A Western intelligence source said on condition of anonymity.

“I do not see any change in the purpose for which Putin launched the operation,” the intelligence official told Reuters.

He added that the only difference was the way they planned, and now the way things are going.

He further added that Russia had failed to meet the target set by time.

Meanwhile, two days ago, Putin directly announced that he would achieve his goal in Ukraine. It is better if he can achieve this through negotiation. But if the talks fail, you will achieve the goal by using military force.

Source: The Guardian