Putin’s back is against the wall: Biden

Russian troops have taken up positions around the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Meanwhile,US President Joe Biden has claimed that Russia’s back is stuck in the wall in Ukraine.

He said at an event in Washington DC on Monday that Russia was now planning a new military operation. News from the BBC.

The U.S. president says Vladimir Putin’s back is stuck in a wall in Ukraine, raising the possibility of him using chemical or biological weapons.

“They say Ukraine has germs and chemical weapons,” he said. As a result, it is clear he is considering using both.

The head of Ukraine’s armed forces was quoted by the BBC as saying that Ukraine’s communication with the Sea of ​​Azov had been cut off as Russian troops took control of a land corridor in the Crimea Valley.

Ukraine’s military says Russia is bringing in troops from almost everywhere to deploy to Ukraine, with heavy casualties.

The head of the armed forces also said that Russia had canceled the routine retirement of its officers due to its irreparable damage.

He claims that at least 300 Russian soldiers were killed on Monday.

However, the BBC reported that these claims could not be verified by independent sources.

The United States and its allies have often said that Russia could claim that Ukraine is developing these weapons in order to create the conditions for its use.

Earlier, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan warned Russia that its use of chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine would have “extreme consequences”.

Source: BBC.