Meter VR personal security enclosure is being added

Meta Platforms Inc.,Facebook’s parent company, has announced the introduction of a ‘personal boundary’ tool to protect Metavers users from harassment and sexual harassment.

The announcement of the new tool for Metavers came on Friday. Users will benefit from the new tool when using Meta’s ‘Horizon Worlds’ and ‘Horizon Venus’ apps using virtual reality or VR headsets. The user will feel at least four feet away from the avatar among others, according to Reuters.

Meta said in a blog post that the new tool will be on as the default feature. The company recently announced a new tool to address harassment after allegations of harassment and sexual harassment surfaced on multiple VR platforms, including Meta’s Horizon Worlds.

Last year, the name was changed to Facebook Inc. Besides, the company has increased its investment in virtual and augmented reality sectors.

The basic premise behind the idea of ​​‘metavers’ is to speak of a digital world where people will have the opportunity to immerse themselves; From professional, social and personal conversations to gaming, technology based work can be done in that virtual world.

Meta says that if their new feature is turned on, the hands of the avatar will disappear if any user tries to approach the avatar beyond the prescribed distance. In addition, Meta has a ‘Safe Zone’ feature on its own virtual reality platform. Users can create a ‘security bubble’ around themselves whenever they feel threatened by this feature.