Shah Rukh’s son Aryan is not involved in drug trafficking, NCB’s investigation team

Shah Rukh’s son Aryan has gone through a difficult time of five months. He was also jailed for about a month in a drug case. Aryan is slowly returning to normal life after being released on bail. Five months after the incident, the investigating officers of the Bureau of Narcotics Control of India finally said, Aryan is innocent!

Allegedly, Aryan is part of the international drug ring. He is involved in the drug business. He took drugs himself. However, the NCB’s special investigation team did not find any evidence about the allegations. Aryan was also arrested from Cordelia Cruise on October 2, and they have found evidence of irregularities in that incident. The operation was not carried out following due process. This is what NCB sources told several Indian media representatives; Although this investigation has not been completed yet. They want a few more months before reaching a final decision.

The Hindustan Times reported that the allegations made by the NCB’s Mumbai unit were baseless. The media also reported that the investigation report had recommended Aryan’s complete release. The report also said that no drugs were found in Aryan Khan’s possession. His phone did not need to be confiscated. It was also unreasonable to check his personal chat. Other than that, there is nothing in that chat that proves that Aryan has any connection with the international drug ring. Thus, it is mandatory to record video during any search in India. Neither Samir nor his team made a video that day. The information that has come out of this investigation raises further questions about Samir Bankheri, the former regional director of the Mumbai division of the NCB.

Shah Rukh’s son was arrested on October 2 from a pleasure boat in Mumbai. After a long interrogation, he was shown arrested in a drug case. Samir Bankheri led the expedition in that pleasure boat. The NCB official became a ‘hero’ overnight after the arrest of Shah Rukh’s son. And since then the debate has started. Minister Nawab Malik made one allegation after another against Bankher. And in that, Bankhere has to face investigation in his own department.

After being released on bail, Aryan now tries to keep himself busy. He is working as an assistant to a well-known director of a well-known Bollywood production company. As well as learning the art of drawing.

Besides, Shah Rukh’s son is also busy writing a screenplay for a movie. The film will be produced by Shah Rukh’s production company Red Chillies Entertainment. If all goes well, Arian’s series is likely to start shooting this year. Thus Aryan never wanted to come in front of the camera. Because his father. According to the star’s son, when it comes to acting, he will always be compared to his father. Shah Rukh himself has said this in various interviews. Aryan loves writing and directing more than acting personally.