Farewell reception for SSC candidates at Bhaggakul-Kadukhola High School

Annual Doa Mahfil And farewell reception of SSC candidates of 23 academic year held At Bhaggakul-Kadukhola High School.The reception ceremony was held on Wednesday (April 12) in the school premises. The founder and President of the board of directors of the school,Abdul Kuddus Chairman was present as the chief guest.The program was presided over by the head teacher of the school Md.Abdur Rahman.

During the speech of the chief guest,Abdul Kudds Chairman said,Today’s farewell ceremony is not basically a farewell.It is just a step To Forwad your Own education.
From here you will successfully complete your SSC and study in various reputed colleges and get educated in higher education and work for the welfare of the country and nation.I believe that in the future you will achieve the highest success and become an enlightened person and maintain the reputation and tradition of this school.Minister for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP)’s Eldest Son Mr Using Hai Robin Bahadur gave educational materials as gifts to all the SSC candidates.

Board members,teachers,parents and students were present At The Time. Maulana Md.Shah Alam led prayers and prayers for the success of the students in the event.In this regard,the school’s teacher Md.Amin Sharif said that 17 students are participating in the SSC exam in the academic year 2023.