Yasmin Parvin Tibriji: An indomitable beacon of light

The poet of equality Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote about women, “There is no difference between men and women in my eyes. All the great creations of the world are eternally beneficial – half of it is made by women,half by men.”Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain wrote ‘Sultana’s Dream’ in the dark Amanisha night.Perhaps even Begum Rokeya herself never thought that the ‘Sultana’s Dream’ written more than a hundred years ago would turn into such a flash of light.

The dream written by this pioneer of women’s awakening in 1905 is a big reality in Bangladesh today.In the tide of development,women are the unique companions on the path of light in the current Bangladesh.Bangladesh has become digital with the hands of these women guides of the path of light. The dream journey of smart Bangladesh has also started with the hands of women.The meaning of poet Nazrul’s women’s poetry As the day progresses, women in the reality of Bangladesh are spreading the fragrance of flowers due to their actions.A woman is leading the administration of the state.

Now the strong presence of women in the society has increased manifold.The presence of women in various positions of administration and law enforcement has caught the attention of the country and abroad.Bangladesh is advancing at the speed of Durbar by holding the hands of women officials all over the country.In Bandarban district also its positive effect is felt by the common people of this district.
On January 4,2021,Yasmin Parvin Tibriji took charge of Bandarban district for the first time in the history of the district as a woman Deputy Commissioner.

She was born in Kaptai upazila of neighboring Rangamati district.She spent her childhood and adolescence in Kaptai and Chittagong.Father Syed Shamsuddin Ahmad Tibriji was also a senior officer of BCS (Administration) cadre.Due to the transfer of my father in my career,I had to go to different parts of the country and adapt myself to a new environment.Yasmin Parvin Tibriji graduated from Chittagong University with a first division Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Chemistry.Later went to Australia for higher education.

There She obtained a Master’s degree in ‘Governance and Public Policy’ from Macquarie University.Yasmin Parvin Tibriji is a smart officer of 22nd BCS administration cadre.She successfully performed various government duties including Deputy Secretary of Chittagong Development Authority,Deputy Director of Local Government Department of Chittagong District.She Was Also Work As A Uno Sadar,Bandarban.

Soon after taking charge as the District Commissioner of Bandarban, he developed the District Administration as the public administration of the district.She freed the important record room of the district administration from the beginning from Broker And Implemented several decisions on how to facilitate the services desired by the public.She also participates in public hearings every Wednesday so that the public can easily reach the Deputy Commissioner.

Thousands of citizens are enjoying the benefits of his public hearing.Bypassing the district,the news of the Public Hearing has now spread across the country and has created a unique example at various levels of public administration.She took up a pilot project to make yarn from banana fiber to engage The local community.Under this project,hundreds of local women are now making products from banana fiber yarn.

Such an initiative of Deputy Commissioner Yasmin Parvin Tibriji with the dream of ensuring self-employment and economic liberation of local women.She has implemented one-on-one training programs For local women to improve the quality of produce.In the recently concluded District Commissioner’s conference, the focus of discussion was the production of yarn from the fibers of the banana tree and the products made by women using that yarn.

At one stage,The Minister of Jute and Textiles Ministry Gazi Golam Dastgir also announced that the Ministry will go into research on the production of yarn from the fiber of the banana plant.Not only did She think about the problems and possibilities of the masses.She has written an article on the role of district administration in responsible tourism development and how to develop the tourism sector of hill Chittagong along with Bandarban.

In this continuation,She took various initiatives to ensure modern tourism services for tourists.The tourism centers run by the district administration have been modernized under his leadership.Kayaking boats have been added to tourist center Meghla and Prantik Lake.Also,several solar boats have been provided in Prantik Lake.
For the first time in Meghla, ‘Breast Feeding’ zone has been set up. There, arrangements have been made for mothers to rest as well as for women to pray.In this case,the tourist spots have been made more attractive than before.

Deputy Commissioner Yasmin Parvin Tibriji has not only ensured modern infrastructure development to tourist centers.At the same time, he has ensured the safety of tourists by creating a circle of his own uniformed security personnel to ensure that tourists are not harassed.In recent times 4 swings called Swing and Thrill have been added to Nilachal.She implemented the decision to install this swing to give the tourists an extra thrilling travel experience.Nilachal attracts a large number of tourists.Nilachal Mosque has been modernized keeping their views in mind.The entire mosque has been beautified with marble stones and tiles, removing several constraints including the water problem.In Nilachal, tourists will come across many new styles of accommodation including dream Premises and VIP cottages.

The stall “Branding Bandarban” in Nilachal, preserves and sells the culture and culture of the 12 ethnic groups of Bandarban as well as various lifestyle furniture.Many have also got employment.11 ethnic groups including Bengalis live in this district.Considering that their history, heritage and culture are gradually disappearing due to various reasons,She has taken a plan to make a museum so that their art and culture is not lost.This museum will contain all the history and traditions of the hill tribes.Not only that,She also thinks about the Jumia and the common farmers of this region.An online platform called “EkShop” has been set up so that the farmers can sell these agricultural products online at a fair price by cutting out the middlemen.The description of the unique natural beauty of hilly Bandarban has appeared on every page of the “Aparupa Bandarban” brand book published under the overall supervision of Deputy Commissioner Yasmin Parvin Tibriji.Each Page of the book reveals why Bandarban is known as a place of unique beauty.She is so passionate about the history and heritage of the region that in one of his visionary decisions he sent a letter to the project director for the construction of traditional hilly Machang houses in Bandarban under the Prime Minister’s Gift House Shelter Scheme.Later, the project office visited the site On her request.Her initiative aroused huge response among the people of Hill.Later, according to the approved design,Machang Houses were built for the small and ethnic groups of different upazilas and handed over to the beneficiaries step by step.This news appeared on the pages of the country’s top satellite television and the country’s top print media.

As per rules,A Deputy Commissioner is the chairman of 120 committees related to various departments of the district.After doing all the work,She surprised the public of Bandarban with various innovations.Web based online software was prepared in his initiative to facilitate the approval process of foreign tourists to travel to Bandarban hill district.In this,foreign tourists can complete the process of travel authorization application at home in just 5 days.This software won the Digital Bangladesh Award as the Technical Best Team (Government lavel) at the district level.

How many students of Bandarban are pursuing higher education in the last more than two years with the maternal love and financial support of the District Commissioner is a rare phenomenon not only for Bandarban but for the entire country.How many Tahsin,Lidiramdin Par Bom,Mangsing Ching,Arman,Imran of the district fulfilled their dreams of admission in Dhaka University,Chadpur Medical College,Rangamati Medical College with the financial support of the District Commissioner will be a unique example.

This is the first time in the history of Bandarban district that the “Deputy Commissioner Talent Hunt competition” has been organized as a part of the creation For Smart Bangladesh by his hands.She thinks that there is no alternative to this type of competition to discover the talent of marginal students. Similarly,intellectually talented students can develop their talent by participating in this competition.She was always trying to Advance Of Bandarban sports.She has encouraged those who have achieved success in local sports by giving various incentives.Similarly,Even if a player did badly,She stood by those players.She was always active in helping these players or teams to return to success after failure.

She chose sports as the biggest tool to keep the young society away from drug addiction.She always came forward as a sponsor whenever he got the opportunity including school cricket, football tournaments,chess.She was active in transforming the Bandarban District Stadium into a modern stadium And Gave Moyer machine.As the president of the District Sports Association,Sh did not lack in anything he needed to do.She also implemented many sports programs to create new players.

It has been reported in various media that She felt lucky to be performing his duties as a Deputy Commissioner in Bandarban district.Similarly,People Of Bandarban feels blessed to have a humane Deputy Commissioner like Yasmin Parvin Tibriji as its Deputy Commissioner.As an honest and talented Deputy Commissioner of Public Administration,She is hugely praised in public administration.Similarly,she has emerged as a beacon of light for thousands of women in this country.

Lutfur Rahman (Uzzal)
Journalist and Sports Organaizer.