35 families returned home with the help of the army

After peace talks with the Kukichin National Front (KNF) and agreement on various issues the situation has started to normalize in various areas in the hills.On Saturday (18 November) 48 people including men,women and children of 11 families in Prata Village of Ruma Upazila and 52 people of 24 families in Paikkhong Village of Rowangchari Upazila returned to their homes.Various assistance is being given to these families by the army.The local army camp has provided 10 kg rice, 2 kg oil, 1 kg dal, 1 kg salt, 4 kg flour, 1 kg sugar to each family from the food material issued for themselves.About nine months ago,these families left their locality due to KNF fear and took refuge with their relatives and in different places in the mountains.Rowangchari Sadar UP Chairman May Hla Aung said that after the peace talks with KNF the situation is now becoming normal.They (KNF) have now left the area and moved to other places.

As the situation normalized,the families who fled the neighborhood have now started returning to their homesteads.They are being assisted in various ways. Educational institutions which were closed for months have started to open.The local administration is also reeling as the homeless residents started returning to their neighborhoods in fear of the KNF. Various assistance is being provided to the returning residents.If they want help,all kinds of help will be given from the administration.This is known from upazila administration sources.

It is to be noted that in October last year, the law and order situation in Bandarban deteriorated when the Kukichin National Front (KNF) a newly emerging armed organization, started operations in the hills.
So far 26 people including five army personnel have been killed in the clash between this organization and the security forces.