People of remote Chimbuk area got fresh water from Bandarban Sena zone

The humanitarian initiative of Bandarban Army Zone has Distribute drinking water for daily needs to the affected people of Chimbuk and its surrounding areas.Last Wednesday (April 03) on the initiative of Bandarban Army Zone,A patrol team sent by the army zone provided water for potable and external use to the people of Chimbuk and surrounding areas suffering from its current summer drought.

Bandarban,A hilly district in the southeastern part of the country,is suffering from the severe effects of climate change.Natural calamities such as storms, floods and droughts are increasing in this region.Along with that, the sea level is rising.Bandarban Sena Zone is standing by the people in this dire danger after seeing the various complaints of the local residents and the acute water shortage.

In a press release,the Army Zone said,the recently created Kukichin Army created terror in Chimbuk and its surrounding areas and cut off all cooperation from the government and administration.However, the bandarban army zone has taken this great initiative to free the area from terrorist activities and risking its life to stand by the bad times by thinking about the welfare of the people suffering from water crisis.

Under the initiative of Sena Zone,A patrolling team of the army in waterless areas delivers water to the door of the affected people in water tankers.Various public representatives and senior officials of Bandarban district have applauded the philanthropic activities of Bandarban Sena Zone.People from all walks of life said that the general public is also benefiting from it.