In Bandarban,helpless hilly people and Bengalis received humanitarian assistance from the Bangladesh Army

The Bandarban Army Region has provided financial assistance to 65 destitute and helpless hilly people and Bengalis as humanitarian assistance.

The helpless hilly people and Bengalis living in the Bandarban Hill District had appealed to the Regional Commander of Bandarban for financial help.

In addition,Various religious institutions in Bandarban also applied for assistance.

In response to these requests,The Bandarban Army Region provided financial assistance of Three lakh forty five thousand Taka In cash to 65 people.

Captain Naeem Parvez, JSO-2 (Int) of the 69th Infantry Brigade,was present as the chief guest at the humanitarian aid delivery ceremony on Sunday (June 26) morning. Captain Faisal of JSO-3 (Education) was present at the time.

Officials of the Regional Headquarters and journalists from various print and electronic media were present Also.

It is to be noted that,The Bangladesh Army has been providing all possible assistance to all the minorities including Bengalis living in the Chittagong Hill Tracts for a long time in case of any emergency.

Armi Region Ensure that,Today’s humanitarian assistance is Also As Like That.

The Bangladesh Army will continue to work tirelessly for the betterment of the living standards of the people of all nationalities and religions,Including all the minorities and ethnic groups living in the hilly areas and for any need.