Humanitarian initiative By Municipal Awami League:Thousands of people got winter clothes

Bandarban Municipal Awami League has distributed blankets to the poor and needy People. Minister for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP) Distributed these winter clothes as chief guest at Bangabandhu Muktamanch organized by Bandarban Municipal Awami League on Sunday (January 22) morning.

Bandarban Municipal Awami League President Amal Kanti Das presided over the blanket distribution ceremony.District Awami League Vice President Abdur Rahim Chowdhury,Hill District Council Member Mozammel Haque Bahadur,Municipal Awami League General Secretary Samshul Islam and various leaders and activists of District Awami League and Municipal Awami League were also present at the time.

Amal Kanti Dash,President of Bandarban Municipal Awami League,Said in the president’s speech at the distribution of winter clothes,That the leaders and workers of Municipal Awami League are working for the development of the people of Bandarban.During the tenure of this government,the common people are getting various services and so that the common people get some relief in this severe winter,that is why today’s winter clothing distribution.

Chief guest Minister for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP), Said that in the future,No organization called BNP will get a chance to run the country,they will loot the country.BNP only loots the money of orphans and people of the country and Awami League stands with the poor and helpless people with winter clothes along with the development of the country.At the end of the program,Minister Bir Bahadur handed over winter clothes to Thousand poor and needy people of Bandarban district.