A Protest Rally Was Held In Bandarban To Protest the Intolerable loadshedding

AM Nazim Uddin,Secretary of Labor Affairs of BNP National Executive Committee,Said That, “The electricity crisis has occurred in the national grid today due to Unlimited Misappropriation,Rampant Corruption And looting in the Power and Energy sector”.

As a result,The government is giving load shedding every day on various pretexts.It is affecting every sector of the country.I Urge the government to immediately stop corruption in the power and energy sector and ensure uninterrupted power supply across the country.

A.M.Nazim Uddin Said These Things While Speaking As The Chief guest at the Demonstration and protest rally organized by BNP in Bandarban district as part of the program announced by the Central BNP to protest against the unbearable load Shedding on Sunday (July 31).

BNP National Executive Committee Associate Secretary for Village Government Affairs Belal Ahmed was present as the main speaker in the rally organized under the chairmanship of Bandarban district BNP president and former MP Mai Ma Ching.

BNP leader Lusai Mong,District BNP organizing secretary Jasim Uddin Tushar, BNP leader Babu Rital Biswas,District women’s party president Kazi Nirutaj Begum,General secretary Mrs.Umasing were present in the Protes rally held under the overall supervision of district BNP general secretary Javed Reza.

The presence of a large number of leaders and activists of youth groups, student groups and organizations can be seen in the protest rally.As always,Central BNP leaders were present in this program announced by the Centre,But Shaching Pru Jerry was not seen in the Protest rally.