Army Medical Campaign In Rowangchhari: Countless People Received Free Medical Treatment and Medicine

A medical campaign was organized at Roangchhari in Bandarban under the supervision of 69 Infantry Brigade under 24 Infantry Division at the initiative of Army 7-Field Ambulance,Bandarban.

The campaign was inaugurated on Tuesday (July 5) by Major Md.Anwarul Haque,MPH, Acting Commander,7-Field Ambulance.

Major Farhadul Islam,Camp Commander of Roangchhari Army,Major Shams of 7-Field Ambulance,Captain Nahar and other dignitaries of the area were present at the time.

During this time,The medical team of 7-Field Ambulance provided first aid in medicine,Surgery,Gynecology and other subjects.This day,7-field Ambulance provided free Medical assistance And Medicine to 280 local Poor Women,Men and children.

It may be mentioned that the 69th Infantry Brigade of the Army,Bandarban Region has been by the side of these distressed people deprived of modern facilities in the remote hilly areas of Roangchhari for more than five decades.

Following this,The army is providing all kinds of assistance including medical Support,Relief Distribution,financial grants.

Also,The contribution of the army in any developmental activities in the mountains is immense.The Bandarban Army Region said that “The 69th Infantry Brigade will continue Such Helpful activities for these people who are deprived of mountain facilities in the future as well”.