Attackers at Bir Bahadur’s rally at in Zila Parishad Rest House Mosque Management Committee: Locals angry

Many members of the proposed committee have expressed their displeasure and extreme dissatisfaction over the management committee of Zila Parishad Sadar Rest House Jame Mosque.The locals who have been associated with the mosque since its inception have expressed extreme anger over it.


It is learned that a mosque management committee was functioning during the tenure of the then chairman of the district council,Thoaicha Pru Master.Later,the then general secretary of the mosque,the forest officer Abdur Rahman Biswas was harassed in a trivial incident by some miscreants including Alam Khan.


In this incident, the district council was managing the mosque by dissolving the mosque management committee.Suddenly,a man named Mizanur Rahman called himself general secretary and Shahidullah Chowdhury sent letters signed by him to various office bearers of the committee.The controversy started with the letter signed by them.


Later,most of the members of the committee told reporters that we do not know when such a mosque management committee was formed.Mizanur Rahman,secretary of the mosque management committee,was immediately called and told that it was a proposed committee.


An exchange meeting will be held on May 10 with this committee.In this regard,Mizanur Rahman said, he has formed this committee after being persuaded by the overall persuasion of one Shahidullah Chowdhury.

Regarding the inclusion of controversial persons in the committee, he said, “I did not know the matter.I signed the list of names prepared by Shahidullah Chowdhury and sent a letter to the members.”


Meanwhile,local ward councilor Harun Sardar expressed his displeasure over the Zila Parishad Rest House Jame Masjid Committee and said, “I have an objection to the way our identity is written in the proposed and drafting committee.”  My name was mentioned as a member without asking me if I would be a member.


District council member Mozammel Haque Bahadur said, “I do not know anything about the formation of the committee of this mosque till now.” In Harmony of Bandarban,created by Minister Bir Bahadur, there is no chance of including any controversial person as a member of the Zila Parishad Mosque Steering Committee.


District council executive officer Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun said no such committee had been approved.Mr Mamun Added,There is no opportunity to include any controversial person in the steering committee of the organization run by the district council.The decision will be taken after talking to the Chief Executive Officer of the District Council.


It is to be noted that the locals have complained that an unwritten politics is going on around this mosque.According to them, the mosque has been run under the able leadership of the chief executive of the district council for the last 25 years.


Then it is necessary to investigate in depth why such a committee suddenly became necessary.Besides,the question of the locals was how the attackers got a place in the committee at the student gathering of the then State Minister for Hill Tracts Bir Bahadur.The question in the minds of the people, is Shahidullah Chowdhury trying to reward these controversial people?