World Environment Day celebrated with due dignity in Bandarban

World Environment Day-24 has been celebrated with due dignity in Bandarban.The day was celebrated on Wednesday (June 5) by the joint initiative of Bandarban District Administration and Environment Directorate Bandarban Office.To mark the day,a rally from the District Commissioner’s office circled the main thoroughfare of the city at the beginning of the day.After the rally, a discussion meeting was held in the conference room.

Bandarban Deputy Commissioner Shah Mujahid Uddin was present as the chief guest in the discussion meeting.Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Umme Kulsum was presided the meeting.In the speech of the chief guest Deputy Commissioner Shah Mujahid Uddin said that, “the government has adopted zero tolerance policy to protect the environment.
The administration will not tolerate in any way those involved in destroying the environment”.dc mujahid Added the district Administration is working to protect environment.

Assistant Director,Department of Environment,Bandarban District Office Fakhar Uddin Chowdhury gave the welcome speech at the meeting.Assistant Superintendent of Police (DSB) Md Chalah Uddin, Deputy Civil Surgeon MM Nayan Salauddin were present as special guests at the time.Also district administration officials, students-teachers,representatives of civil society,industry-entrepreneurs, environmentalist organizations, representatives of various ngo’s were present in the discussion meeting.

At the end of the meeting,certificates, prizes and saplings were given to the winners of the children’s drawing competition organized by the Department of Environment.Deputy Commissioner Shah Mujahid Uddin handed over these awards to the students.Also saplings are distributed among the arriving guests.