Secondary School Level Debate Competition Finale and Prize Distribution in bandarban

Debate competition finale and prize distribution held at secondary school level in Bandarban.Anti-Corruption Commission, Cox’s Bazar Coordinated Office organized this competition.The prize distribution was held on Sunday (May 19) in the hall of Bandarban Government High School. Deputy Commissioner Shah Mujahid Uddin was present as the chief guest in the event.

President of the District Anti-Corruption Committee Aung Cha Mong presided over the event.Deputy Director of Anti-Corruption Commission (Integrated District Office Cox’s Bazar) Subel Ahmed,Senior Assistant Commissioner Md.Mizanur Rahman,Upazila Secondary Education Officer Md.Mustafizur Rahman were present as special guests.

Deputy Assistant Director of Anti- Corruption Commission,Cox’s Bazar Coordinating Office Md.Humayun Bin Ahmed,leaders of District Anti-Corruption Committee were present.Cantonment School and College was the champion and Swualok High School was the runner-up in this year’s debate competition titled Corruption is the main obstacle to the development of any country.Deputy Commissioner Shah Mujahid Uddin presented awards and mementos to 6 debaters of both parties.

Also on this day,ten thousand rupees were handed over to each school of a few secondary schools for Shatata Sangha.24 students of 8 secondary high schools participated in this year’s debate competition Managing by the District Corruption Prevention Committee, Bandarban.