International Anti-Corruption Day celebrated in Bandarban

International Anti-Corruption Day was celebrated in Bandarban with the slogan ‘We are united against corruption for the sake of development,peace and security’.
On the occasion of the day,a discussion meeting was held at the Deputy Commissioner’s conference room on Saturday (December 9).Bandarban Deputy Commissioner Shah Mujahid Uddin presided over the function.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Md.Fazlur Rahman,Assistant Superintendent of Police Salah Uddin, Sadar Upazila Executive Officer Umme Habiba Meera,Senior Assistant Secretary (RDC) Arup Ratan Singha,Executive Magistrate Rajib Kumar Biswas,Anti- Corruption Commission Assistant Director Md.Nasrullah etc were present.At the beginning of the discussion meeting the president of Bandarban District Anti-Corruption Committee Mr.Aungcha Mong read the article titled “Let’s all swear corruption free Bangladesh”.

The speakers in the meeting said that there is no alternative to establishing the rule of law and accountable institutional activities in the country to build a well-governed Bangladesh.Therefore,all institutions of the state especially the law enforcement agencies,administration,judicial process, election commission and human rights commission must ensure impartiality, objectivity,efficiency and professionalism. The right of media and citizens to express their opinions should be preserved intact.There should be accountability in every sector of the country.

Let us swear today that we ourselves will not commit corruption and if anyone else commits or tries to commit corruption, we will all unite and protest.I will prevent all corruption socially and family.At this time, the speakers also called upon everyone to raise their voices against corruption in order to fulfill the SDGs by 2030 and the dream of a developed Bangladesh by 2041.

Government officials,teachers-students, members of various NGO organizations, leaders of anti-corruption committee and journalists were present.On the first morning of the day, organized by Bandarban district administration and anti-corruption commission,national flag hoisting, rally and human chain were held with due dignity on the occasion of the day.Apart from this, the day is also celebrated in upazilas with various events.