Maha pinda donation ended by proper religious solemnity and various arrangements

Maha pinda donation ceremony ended with religious solemnity and various arrangements.At the same time,religious Buddhist monks are wishing for the welfare of the human race.A colorful rally of about three hundred Buddhist monks left the Bandarban Rajguru Buddhist Vihar at 8 am on Tuesday (November 28).Buddhist monks took the pinda by circumambulating the various roads of the district town.

The Minister for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP) attended the ceremony and donated pinds to the Buddhist monks.At that time Bandarban Hill District Council Chairman Kaw Shew Hla,Hill Minister’s wife Mehla Pru,Hill District Council member Kaw sa prue,Bhdc member Laxmi pada Das,town mayor Md.Shamsul Islam and men and women of the Buddhist community were present.

In the Pinda dan ceremony,everyone donates various materials including cash, rice,fruits,sweets,wax and incense sticks to the Buddhist monks.During this time,the Buddhist monks prayed for the happiness and peace of the human race.In various Buddhist Viharas, after the solid cheebur daan, Pinda daan (cooked food) distribution festivals are organized in honor of the monks.