KNF panic going away: Humanitarian aid is being delivered to bawm village

The air of peace has started to return in Rowangchari upazila.Knf panic going away and will be over.As a part of this, the military and civil administration are active in providing humanitarian assistance.In continuation of this on Sunday (November 26) Bandarban Army Region and Bandarban Hill District Council jointly organized humanitarian assistance to 110 families of resettled families in four Bom paras of Rowangchari Upazila.

On this day,Bandarban Army Region distributed food items,medicine, educational materials,winter clothes and sports materials among 110 resettled families in Paikkhyong,Kaplong,Durnibar and Khamtang village.At the same time the Bandarban hill district council distributed a grant of two lakh twenty thousand for 110 family.

Bandarban army Region Commander Brigadier General Golam Mahiuddin Ahmed SGP, NDC,AFWC,PSC,PHD was present as the chief guest.Bandarban Hill District Council Chairman Kaw Shwe Hla,Zone Commander Lt. Col. Mahmudul Hasan,PSC along with village Karbari,resettled family members,print and electronic media journalists were present on the occasion.At the time local youths girl who returned to their respective neighborhoods after overcoming the KNF terror took part in interesting cultural programs.

It is to be noted that more than 400 residents of Bom community fled from several neighborhoods of Rowangchari upazila due to the fear of Kukichin,a separatist armed organization of the mountains.The peace talks and reconciliation meetings of the Peace Establishment Committee and the KNF brought an end to the long nine months of unrest.

As a result of the meeting,with the help of the army,these villagers of Bam community started returning to their place of residence.Bangladesh Army is working to ensure their round-the-clock security. Also,Bangladesh Army is providing various humanitarian assistance from time to time.