Extensive police security preparations for Durga Puja in Bandarban

And after a few days,Durga Puja,the biggest religious festival of traditional religions,is going to start in Bandarban district like the whole country.Bandarban district police have made extensive preparations to ensure the joy of the puja.Policemen will provide 03 level security in 32 puja mandaps in Bandarban district.24 hours police will be deployed at each mandap.

Also,Mobile Team,Striking Force and Tiger Team will gradually patrol every shrine. Plainclothes police will be engaged along with intelligence activities of District Police. Apart from this,Ansar members will also be engaged in security.Bandarban Additional Superintendent of Police (Administration) Hossain Md.Rayhan Kazemi confirmed the matter by a press release.

It is known that the entire security arrangement has been arranged under the overall supervision of Superintendent of Police Md Saikat Shaheen.The press release also mentioned that the Superintendent of Police will supervise and monitor round the clock.