No other government in the past has done so much development in the hilly areas: Minister Bir Bahadur

The Minister for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP) said, “Because of the Awami League government, The economic conditions of the hilly areas are rapidly improving.This government is a people-friendly government and the development that has taken place in the plains and hilly areas during the tenure of this government No other party government in the past has developed so much.

Last Thursday (5 October) and Friday (6 October) Minister Bir Bahadur inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for various development projects implemented by Local Government Engineering Department (LGED),Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board,Hill District Council in Thanchi, Alikadam and Lama upazilas.Later,Minister Bir Bahadur said these things while speaking as the chief guest at the discussion meeting organized by the local Awami League.

Minister Bir Bahadur said,The hill dwellers are benefiting from the development of the hill area by the current Awami League government.Numerous educational institutions have been established in every upazila with road connectivity and this trend will continue in the future.Meanwhile, the hill minister urged everyone to stand by the Awami League government in the future to build a poverty-free and smart Bangladesh.

During his two-day visit,Minister Bir Bahadur inaugurated the foundation stone laying and development work of the project worth half a hundred crore Tk.

LGED Bandarban Executive Engineer Md.Ziaul Islam Majumdar,Bhdc Executive Engineer Md.Ziaur Rahman,Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board Bandarban Unit Executive Engineer Abu Bin Yasir Arafat were present.

On Thursday in Thanchi Upazila,Minister Bir Bahadur distributed 10 foot pump machines,68 spray machines,432 sacks of 25 kg VGD rice,50 sewing machines,school teaching materials,24 goats among the local farmers among the local people.Local upazila executive officers,public representatives and journalists were present at the time.

The one-time multi- purpose grant given by Red Crescent was disbursed at Alikadam on the following day on Friday (6 October). Minister Bir Bahadur handed over this donation money to the victims of heavy rains and disasters.Red Crescent Secretary Omol kanty Das Was Present At the Time.