Newcomer Mayor Shamsul Faces Challenges

Recently,90 percent of the beautiful city of Bandarban was submerged under water due to heavy rains for eight to ten days in a row and floods caused by mountain landslides.The city,known as the center of tourism,has lost much of its charm in this terrible flood.After the flood,the city was littered with garbage.Incessant rains and severe floods have created a miserable situation in every area of ​​the city and in Ooligli,with heaps of garbage and mudslides on the hills.Garbage and stench accumulated on the internal roads of the neighborhood make life miserable.The New Comer mayor Shamsul Islam took the oath and responsibility in the face of such a challenge as to where to give medicine for pain in all organs.

Soon after assuming the responsibility of fulfilling the expectations of the people, he started a cleaning campaign to clean the city by removing all the garbage and mud of the municipality.Information is emerging that the new mayor Shamsul is struggling to deal with the situation with limited manpower and equipment.He has been able to clean the roads of Oligli in a short period of time with the sincerity of the officials working in the municipality,The appointment of temporary manpower,The cooperation of a few heavy vehicles available at the private level following the request and the overall cooperation of the public.

In this,The public transportation routes have become very usable.It is known that the Bandarban municipality distributed cooked food to various shelters after the flood.Around 50 Thousand people got this food during this time.On an average,around 80 to 100 tons of garbage are being removed outside the city by the municipal cleaners.The Mayor himself is overseeing this grand Activity.The mayor is also requesting those who are illegally storing goods and causing public distress while conducting business and trade in empty places on the side of the road to remove these goods on their own responsibility.In the meantime,Soil removal work is in progress and a lot of soil has been removed due to landslides and traffic stoppage on the road of Ward No.3 area of ​​Bandarban Municipality (Beside The Child Family).

In Ward No.8 Hafezghona Primary School Beside Main Road,Ward No.9 Banani Saw Mill and Langi Para area,the clay deposited on the road due to landslides and flood water has been removed to a large extent.Work is underway to make the Lemujhiri road from Fazrali Para of Ward No.2 of Bandarban Municipality suitable for fast movement due to landslides.The two Staires down on the north and south sides of the Bandarban Bazar Mosque are filled with mud.

This ghat is used for naval communication between Ruma and Thanchi.Both the Ghats have been made operational As Soon As Quick.The biggest challenge was to Clean and the dirty garbage from Main And Sub Road.To meet this challenge during the crisis,temporary workers have been hired on a contract basis outside of the municipality’s own staff.After the flood waters receded,The municipality was forced to hire contract workers to clear the city of garbage quickly.Six hundred and fifty workers have worked under the contract so far.In addition to the municipality’s own transport,several heavy vehicles from government and private organizations are being used to speed up the cleaning operation.

Highlighting the overall situation Mayor Shamsul Islam said,After the flood water receded,the scars of the municipality have started to be visible.Already the municipal city has been largely cleared of dirt and garbage.According to the direction By The Minister for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP) The municipal authorities are working day and night. Newcomer Mayor Shamsul Islam also mentioned that the hill Minister Bir Bahadur is keeping a constant lookout for the distressed people.However,Most of the city’s drainage and water disposal systems need to be redesigned.Due to severe floods, the financial loss can exceed 100 crores Tk.The biggest challenge now is to make the city fast and free of garbage.Here I am talking to the general public to remove various obstacles.I want to finish all the work quickly with their advice.