LGED’s 300 km Road Has Suffered Extensive Damage By Floods In Bandarban

Bandarban has recently experienced the worst flood in the history of Bandarban district due to continuous rains of eight to ten days and almost 80 percent of government offices,residences,houses and internal roads of the district have been inundated.As a result of this flood,the equipment of the District Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) office and the internal roads constructed in the district have been severely damaged.

In addition,Bandarban’s district jail,Power distribution Board,Fire service station, Divisional forest officer’s office,Public library and other important government departments and offices have also been submerged in flood water.Thirty thousand books of the public library were damaged. The officials of the concerned department are working to determine the amount of damage and the financial situation.In the meantime,there is information about the extensive damage of LGED due to this terrible flood and heavy rain.

It is known that according to the information of LGED engineers working at the field level,the renovation of these roads may cost more than 150 crores Taka.Apart from this, it may cost more than 20 lakh rupees to repair the equipment and parts of the LGED office at the district headquarters, said officials.It has been seen on the ground that most of the roads in the LGED division have collapsed.Half of the road has collapsed due to landslides in some places.
These roads have become impassable. Common people traveling on these roads have already suffered.

According to Bandarban LGED Sources, Inside Of Bandarban district Khansama- Baghmara road,Haludiya-Bhaggyakul Road,
Thanchi-Balipara,Ruma-Lika Para Road, Dochhari Road of Alikadam Upazila,Tumbru Road of Naikhangchari Upazila,Lama-Sualak Road,Lama-Aziznagar Road,Faitong-Lama Road,Kalaghata-Taracha Road of Bandarban Sadar,Rowangchari-Liragao road About 300 km of road has been damaged recently due to heavy rains.

Locals said that most of these roads have become impassable.Traffic on some roads is difficult,even walking has become difficult.If these are not repaired quickly,major traffic accidents can occur.The workers of various professions who regularly transport goods on the Haludia-Bhagyakul road said that the roads of Bandarban have suffered more this year.If they are not repaired,our car cannot be driven.Still driving the car with great difficulty risking life.We want to repair these roads as soon as possible.

The Executive Engineer of Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) Md.Ziaul Islam Majumdar said on the phone,About 300 km of the road has been damaged in Bandarban due to flooding due to heavy rains and landslides.The repair of these roads will cost more than one and a half hundred crores Tk.Besides,More than 20 lakh TK. will be spent on office equipment.We have sent the proposal.We will start work as soon as I get permission.