District law and order committee meeting held In Bandarban

A meeting of District Law and Order Committee was held in Bandarban.The Minister for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP) Was Present as the chief guest in the meeting organized under the Presided Over By The Deputy Commissioner Shah MUjahid Uddin in the conference room of the Deputy Commissioner on Sunday (August 13).

Superintendent of Police Saikat Shaheen, Civil Surgeon Dr.Mahbubur Rahman, Additional District Magistrate Umme Kulsum,District Awami League General Secretary Laxmi Pada Das,Municipal Mayor MD.Shamsul Islam were present.Besides, representatives of various departments and civil society, journalists of print and electronic media were present.

During this time,a decision was taken to protect the forest land of Bandarban district and also to create Jum Cultivation Opportunities for Jum farmers to grow j and encourage them to plant new trees.
Minister Bir Bahadur gave instructions to take effective measures related to the protection of the banks of Matamuhuri and Sangu rivers, dredging of rivers, prevention of dengue and malaria.According to reliable sources,the fact that most parts of Bandarban district have been affected by floods due to excessive rainfall due to the influence of monsoon winds has been seriously discussed.

As a result of this,the roads,power transmission lines, infrastructure including power distribution centers have been severely damaged,Policy makers believe.
Bandarban has been cut off from Bandarban to Thanchi and Ruma upazilas due to the damage to the road due to the flood mentioned earlier

It was also agreed that relief distribution activities and rescue operations should be continued in the flood-affected areas with the cooperation of the district administration and other Associate and cooperative organizations.