Mobile Court of The District Administration To Control The Market Due To Severe Floods in Bandarban

Bandarban district administration has entered the field to control the commodity price and market considering the needs of the public affected by the severe flood situation due to the heavy rains of the last few days in Bandarban.The district administration conducted this operation on Thursday (August 10) to control the price of goods in the district town and nearby big markets.

4 unscrupulous traders of the district town and Rongachhari bus station area have been fined for charging more than the fixed price Of Goods.Also,The mobile court warned at least ten shop owners for various irregularities including illegal storage of candles.

The mobile court was led by District Administration Executive Magistrate and Nejarat Deputy Collector (NDC) Sheikh Abdullah Al Mamun.Four shopkeepers were fined Tk 40,000 for charging higher prices Included Seller Of cylinder gas.Mobile court fined four of them in Section 37 and 40 of Consumer Rights Protection Act 2009.

Executive Magistrate and Nejarat Deputy Collector (NDC) Sheikh Abdullah Al Mamun said that a case has been filed against dishonest traders for keeping prices higher than the fixed price by raiding Bandarban city and a fine of 40 Thousand Taka has been collected.Magistrate Mamun Added, don’t listen to any rumours.There are enough food items.The district administration will take strict action against those involved in misdemeanors like hoarding and mobile court operations will continue.Other officers of the district administration were present in the raid and the members of the Sadar police station assisted in the raid.