Discussion meeting of Bandarban Army Zone to ensure fair tourist services

In the tourist city of Bandarban, a press conference held to ensure the smooth travel of tourists as the ban on tourist centers was lifted.The exchange meeting was held under the supervision of Bandarban Army Zone on Wednesday (July 19).Major ASM Mahmudul Hasan,PSC,Deputy Commander of Bandarban Army Zone was present as the chief guest on the occasion.

The exchange meeting was attended by other officers of the army zone, senior officials of all associations related Representive to tourism and electronic and print media.In the meeting,A discussion was held on all matters related to the facilities and security of the tourists.In the discussion, presidents and general secretaries of all associations related to the tourism industry including Bandarban Tour Guide Association,Hotel Owners Association,Jeep-Car Owners Association, Boat Owners Association, Mahindra Car Owners Association and the representatives presented their own and Organazitional views.

In the speech of the chief guest on the occasion,Major ASM Mahmudul Hasan, PSC, Deputy Commander of Bandarban Army Zone, gave necessary guidance and solutions to various problems.He said that since its inception, the army has been contributing to the prevention of terrorism in the hilly areas along with security of life and property of the people of the hilly areas, establishment of peace and various development plans.

Recently, Bandarban’s tourism has been temporarily threatened by the Kuki Chin Army, a regional terrorist organization, but now the travel ban on tourists has been lifted as the crisis has been resolved in a joint operation by the army.As a result, the army will work tirelessly to ensure the safe travel of tourists coming from far away.

Meanwhile, Major Mahmudul Hasan also called upon all the people involved in the tourism industry to be vigilant so that the tourists can complete their journey through proper security.Also called specifically to call upon and trust To the army in any adverse situation.