For The First Time “Kalabati Saree” Were Made From Banana Yarn-Dreams and thoughts have come true:Yasmin Parvin Tibriji

To make the women of Bandarban economically self-reliant,After the training to make various delicate handicrafts by making yarn from banana trees in the hilly areas,Attractive saree have been made from the yarn of banana trees.This very challenging work has been completed after passing through various difficulties.

Responding to the call of the Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban,Trainer Radhabati Devi rushed to Bandarban from Moulavibazar.

Trainer Radhabati Devi said,in Bangladesh, sarees are made from different yarns, but for the first time in the country,I made a saree from the banana tree yarn with the request and overall cooperation of the Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban. Trainer Radhavati Devi also said,in the first stage,this attractive saree was made with a total of 15 days and 1 kg of banana tree yarn.If everything goes well,it will be possible to make more smooth and better quality saree in future.

In this regard,Deputy Commissioner Yasmin Parvin Tibriji said,Thinking about the development of women in Bandarban, the district administration took a pilot project to make Yarn from banana trees and to make various handicrafts and delicate products from that Yarn.Under the project,training has been provided to around 400 local women in several phases so far.Deputy Commissioner Yasmin Parvin Tibriji also said that this program was initially started at the district headquarters to strengthen the economic base of women,but later,women are being trained under this pilot project in various upazila.

The Deputy Commissioner also said that through this training,Our women are making various eco-friendly handicrafts including book folders, table mats, paposh, show pitch,earrings, pen holders.These handicrafts are also being sold at good prices.Made a beautiful saree out of banana yarn which turned out to be very beautiful and attractive.That saree is named “Kalabati”.

Local women entrepreneurs said, to strengthen the foundation of women’s economic development,the result of the visionary thinking of the Deputy Commissioner is today’s 13 hand-made new beautiful sarees.By making this saree, the name of Bandarban will once again be promoted in Bangladesh and we hope that the eco-friendly saree will reach everyone soon with the yarn that is produced from the yarn of the banana tree here.