5 Ethnic groups of Hill are not involved With militancy

A press conference was held by the representatives of Mro,Lusai,Khumi, Kheang and Pankhwa ethnic groups under the slogan “Unity of 12 Nations,Bandarban of Harmony”.

The press conference was held to protest propaganda linking the Mro,Lusai, Khumi,Khiang and Pangkhuwa ethnic groups with the terrorist armed group KNF and Islamic militant groups.

On Wednesday Morning (December 28) at Arun Saraki Town Hall in Bandarban city, representatives of various ethnic groups of the district presented their statements at a press conference organized under the banner of Peaceful People of Bandarban.

Meanwhile,The speakers strongly protested the terrorist activities of Bandarban’s new armed organization KNF and its affiliated Islamic militant groups.Speakers said,terrorists have no religion,No caste.

The speakers said that in recent times,The Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) is misleading the people by using the names of 5 nations,Sometimes highlighting the establishment of a Kuki-Chin state and sometimes a Christian state.This Terrorist Group Opposing the Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Agreement.

Meanwhile,The speakers also said that Bandarban is trying to create ethnic division and by harboring Islamic militants in their hideouts,They are ruining Bandarban’s reputation at home and abroad.

At the same time,They called for immediate cessation of all activities of KNF and vigorous operation of law enforcement forces to maintain peace and order in the hilly areas.

Speaking at the press conference were Singyoung Mro on behalf of the Mro people,Professor Thanjama Lusai on behalf of the Lusai people,Lelung Khumi on behalf of the Khumi people,Mra Cha Khiang on behalf of the Khiang people.