Two arrested with drugs By APBN Police operation in Bandarban

2 APBN Police Battalion arrested two youths along with drugs in Bandarban.According to 2 APBN sources, this operation was conducted under the overall guidance of Additional Deputy Inspector General of Police (Additional DIG) Ali Ahmad Khan of 2 APBN.

On Tuesday (December 13) the operation was led by Additional Superintendent of Police of 2 APBN Mohammad Bodiuzzaman. S.I Mohammad Belal Hossain and A.S.I Md. Mannan along with APBN force conducted a raid in Haludiya Bazar of Bandarban Sadar Police Station area and arrested 2 drug dealers along with 220 pieces of Yaba.

The arrested persons are Shahab Uddin (21) and Abdul Mumin (21).They are residents of South Demsa Hangakul village of Satkania upazila.Two hundred twenty pieces Yaba (220 pieces) of pink color along with a motorcycle and two mobile phones were seized.The market value of recovered yaba is 66,000 taka.

In this regard,Additional Superintendent of Police of 2APBN Mohammad Bodiuzzaman said that a case has been filed against the arrested persons in Bandarban Sadar Police Station under Section 10 (a) of Schedule 1 of Narcotics Control Act 2018 (36).He said that, our special team is working in view of the ongoing anti-narcotics operation.He Added, Our campaign to eliminate drugs,illegal weapons and terrorism will continue in the future.