World Soil Day is celebrated in Bandarban

World Soil Day was celebrated in Bandarban.The theme of the day was where soil-food begins.On the occasion of the day,A rally was organized by the Bandarban Soil Resource Development Institute on Monday (December 5) morning from the premises of the Deputy Commissioner’s office.The rally ends at the District Commissioner’s office after circling the main main road of the city.Later,A discussion meeting was held in the Deputy Commissioner’s conference room to mark the day.

Deputy Commissioner Yasmin Parvin Tibriji was present as the chief guest in the discussion meeting.The meeting was presided over by Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension Department MD. Rafiqul Islam.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (Overall) Suraiya Akhtar Sweety,Chairman of Sadar Upazila Parishad AKM Jahangir,Chief Cotton Development Commissioner Md. Alamgir Hossain Mridha,Press Club President Aminul Islam Baccu and other public and private senior officials were present on the occasion.

In the discussion meeting,Deputy Commissioner Yasmin Pervin Tibriji said, Our future food security depends on hilly jum farming system and food production capacity in marginal land.For this,Crop selection,farming methods,Social activities and use of modern technology are very important.

The current government has formulated Delta Plan 2100 to achieve the status of a prosperous and developed country by addressing long-term challenges for sustainable soil management,Climate, Environment and land systems.

Yasmin Pervin Tibriji said,Sustainable technologies developed to increase productivity by using suitable technology to prevent erosion of hilly soil should be promoted.She said,Researchers, Scientists,Teachers,farmers should be more aware about the adverse effects of soil,which is one of the appendages of our agriculture and environment.She Added, Steps must be taken to gain a more detailed knowledge of soil to determine how best to control soil erosion.