Community Policing Day-22 celebrated in Bandarban with a colorful event

Community Policing Day-22 celebrated in Bandarban with colorful arrangements keeping in mind the motto “The main objective of community policing Is peace and order everywhere”.

On the occasion of Community Policing Day on Saturday (October 29) morning organized by Bandarban District Police, a colorful procession started in front of the Sadar Police Station and after circling the main main road of the city it ended at the same place.

At this time, people of various professions including members of the police participated with banners and placards.Later,a discussion meeting was Held in Sadar police station premises.

Superintendent of Police Md.Tariqul Islam,PPM, Deputy Director (Deputy Secretary) Local Government Department Md.Lutfur Rahman,Mayor Mohammad Islam Beby,Member of Hill District Council Laxmi pada Das spoke in the discussion meeting.

Additional Superintendent Of Police Md.Nazim Uddin, Additional Superintendent Of Police Reza Sarwar,Assistant Superintendent Of Police (DSB) Md.Salah Uddin,Officer In charge (Sadar) Police Station S.m Shahidul Islam and various senior police and administration officials were present.

Speakers in the meeting said, through the creation of community policing, opportunities have been created to suppress crime and solve problems in the area based on mutual cooperation and partnership between the police and the public,Communication between the police and the public has increased.

The people are getting to know the working process of the police and the limitations of the police and mutual trust,understanding and mutual respect between the police and the public is increasing.The speakers also said that peace and order in the society is ensured through community policing and the quality of life of the people is improving more than before.