Father of the Nation’s 47th Martyrdom Anniversary and National Mourning Day: Workers rally organized by Sramik League in Bandarban

On the occasion of the 47th martyrdom anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and National Mourning Day,a labor rally and discussion meeting was held at the initiative of Bandarban District Sramik League.The rally was held at Army Para area of ​​the district town on Tuesday (August 30).

Bandarban District Awami League President and Bandarban Hill District Council Chairman K Shai Hla was present as the chief guest in the event.

District Labor League president Md.Musa Company presided over the event.

District Sramik League General Secretary Md.Rafiqul Islam Conducted over the event.

The chief guest of the discussion,Kya Shai Hla,Said that the role of Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the greatest in ensuring the rights of the workers of this country. Today’s Sramik League is the result of the visionary thinking of the father of the nation. The Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Bangladesh National Labor League was established in 1969 to protect the rights of the workers.

In this continuation,honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, daughter of the father of the nation, has made and implemented various decisions to improve the quality of life of the workers and protect their rights.

He said that the Bandarban District Labor League is working to protect the rights of workers in Bandarban district to ensure Bengali nationalism,secularism and the spirit of liberation war. Meanwhile, he added, the Labor League under the strong leadership of Bir Bahadur in Bandarban district is working for the people of this district.This trend of progress must be continued.

Mentioning that Bangladesh Awami League does not believe in the politics of revenge, he further said that if they believed in the politics of revenge, then there would have been a case against the BNP leaders and workers in this district. Discrimination would have been accepted in various places, starting from business to employment.But now Awami League is not showing any such influence in Bandarban district.

Bandarban Hill District Council Chairman said that Also,the cherished dream of the Father of the Nation to build a hunger corruption and poverty free Sonar Bangla has been realized under the leadership of the Father of the Nation’s privileged daughter,Chief Sheikh Hasina.

Let us work unitedly by ensuring the bond of communal harmony for the sake of the country for the people of the country.
Bandarban District Awami League Vice President Abdur Rahim Chowdhury,General Secretary Municipal Mayor Md. Islam Bebi,District Awami League Joint General Secretary Mozammel Haque Bahadur, District Awami League Organizing Secretary Kya Sa Pru,Chaudhuri Prakash Barua,Municipal Awami League President Amal Kanti Dash,General Secretary Shamsul Islam, District Awami League member Khalilur Rahman Sohag, Md.Mohiuddin were present in the occasion.

Lutfur Rahman (Uzzal)
Bandarban Correspondent
Tuesday, 30 August”22