Journalists have a role in the peace and harmony and development of the hills: Brigadier General Md.Ziaul Haque

Bandarban Army Region Commander Brigadier General Md.Ziaul Haque NDC,AFWC,PSC Said that journalists have a role in the peace,harmony and development of the mountains.In the future,The young society living in the hills should be encouraged to do innovative work.

The role of journalists is very important for sports,Use of new technology,Increasing social awareness.Journalists have to play a supportive role in making hill people self-reliant through technology as an alternative to jum farming.

Bandarban Army Region Commander Brigadier General Md.Ziaul Haque, NDC,AFWC,PSC,said these things while speaking as the chief guest in the discussion and exchange meeting with journalists.

In the event, the Region Commander said that maximum cooperation will continue on behalf of the Bandarban Region in order to speed up the infrastructural development of the press clubs of all upazilas including Bandarban district.

At the same time,He praised the journalists who continue to carry out their professional duties in disseminating objective information.

The Region Commander also discussed the role of journalists in preserving their own customs of all ethnic groups,information about the activities of security forces in Inaccessible Areas,eradicating rumors and eliminating terrorism in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

He also called on the journalists to present the current trends of the development of the hilly areas in front of the whole world through information-based news.

Bandarban BGB sector headquarters commander,All zone commanders,Other officers of the region were present in the event organized by Bandarban region at Cantonment Public School and College auditorium on Monday (August 8).

The Region Commander started the ceremony with a joint photo session at the beginning.A total of 70 journalists from press clubs and print and electronic media of 07 upazilas were present in the event.

At the end of the program, laptops were distributed to every press club in the district and upazila.